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32 stories behind the cut.

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24 stories behind the cut.
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25 stories behind the cut.

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28 Avengers stories behind the cut. 13 work safe and 15 explicit

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22 Stories behind the cut.

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Fics from the Sherlock BBC Kink Meme Part 3. Mostly John and Sherlock, but Lestrade, Moriarty, Molly, and Sebastian all make appearances. Mycroft shows up for a crack story, and Ms. Adler has fun with Sherlock in the 17th story.

24 stories. 17 are porn, 7 crack and/or humor.

1) Five Times John Surprises Someone with His Oral Skills (And One Time He Didn't)

2)"Jim from IT" is just the newest in a long line of false identities Moriarty has concocted.
The only commonality between all of the disguises is that Moran has had sex with each of them.

3)Can Sherlock and John (pre established S/J or not, either is interesting) rock Molly's world?

4)Sherlock's never had sex before, so he slips his fingers into John's mouth as he inches downwards. "Show me what you want. As we go."

5)Three Times Sherlock Kissed Lestrade, and One Time Lestrade Got Fed Up and Face-Fucked Him

6)Tentacles on Moriarty

7)John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop

8) Girl!Sherlock and Girl!John using a double dildo.

9)John/fem!Sherlock pegging

10)John as some sort of were!tentacled monster. Maybe he only changes once a year or every seven years or whatever. But when he does, it's mating time

11)Student!John being seduced by chemistry teacher!Sherlock.

12)john/sherlock choking

13) Jim giving Sebastian a blowjob with a gun pressed to the side of his head.
First Fill

Second Fill

14)Werewolf!John mates with human!Sherlock while in his wolf-form. WARNING:BESTIALITY
First Fill

Second Fill

Third Fill

15)John/Sherlock, Sherlock loves it when his hair is pulled.

16)Moran spanks Moriarty, because he is angry with him.

17)virgin!Holmes gets kidnapped and tied onto this chair:Link to picture of NSFW chair
Link to story


18)Moriarty does household chores himself. While rocking out and dancing around. Moran comings home to find him like this. sex!

19)Before sending Moran out killing or whatever, Moriarty always packs him a sack lunch with special snacks and treats and always includes a wee note telling Moran he's a good little sniper, and if he fucks up he's dead.

20)Sebastian/John old army buds kick it off again. Neither Sherlock or Jim approve.

21)Adventures in babysittting Re: Moriarty and Moran parenting wee!Sherlock and wee!John

22)Every once in a while Sebastian Moran and John Watson drink tea together and complain about their geniuses' ignorance

23)I'm 99.87% certain that the entire meme wants to marry angrybeige by now.

24)Mycroft asks Anthea for the brain bleach
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27 storys behind the cut. Most of which are porn.

1)Would love Lestrade tied up, maybe crying and begging. However: I want whether he's begging because he wants it or because he doesn't to be completely unclear. Ambiguous darkfic? Any pairing is absolutely fine as long as our dear detective stars. sherlock/lestrade/john
All You Have to Do Is Ask

2)Finger fucking (Lestrade/Sherlock)

3)Lestrade/John blowjob
Paperclips and Staple

4)lestrade/john, spanking

5)(910): I'm not 100% on this, but I'm pretty sure I just accidentally talked my way into a threesome. sherlock/john/lestrade

6)Lestrade really doesn't mind that his boyfriend's best friend is a crazy loon who interrupts their dates, walks in on them shagging, or occasionally just steals John when Lestrade had plans for him. But occasionally, just sometimes, he feels just that wee bit possessive, and he likes to let Sherlock know that John is also his. By shagging John senseless and marking him with very obvious lovebites.

7)Sherlock and John are married. At their wedding, they received a house-slave named Lestrade as a gift from Mycroft.
Having grown up wealthy, Sherlock is a more "typical" slave owner - not shy about handing out orders, and more than willing to use the slave however he wishes. Sherlock finds that Lestrade is especially useful when it comes to sex, as John's tastes in the bedroom are much more vanilla than Sherlock tends to prefer. With Lestrade, Sherlock is free to be as forceful as he likes. It doesn't hurt at all that Lestrade has been trained to never, ever gag.
John is from a family that couldn't afford slaves, so he really has no idea what to do with Lestrade. To Sherlock's endless amusement, John finds himself befriending the slave, preferring to share a cup of tea and a chat with him over putting him to work.
Eventually, John realises he has ~feelings~ for Lestrade. He confesses this to Sherlock, who points out that only an idiot would have missed the fact that Lestrade is in love with John. Through their frequent sessions, Sherlock and Lestrade have also formed something of a bond. Of course, this can lead to only one thing: KINKY THREESOME!
He loves you

8)John is kneeling on the floor sucking Holmes cock enthusiastically, whether he is collared or not is up to you. Suddenly Lestrade comes in with a new case for Holmes. John wants to stop but Sherlock makes him continue while Lestrade gives Holmes the details. This of cause leaves quite an impression on Lestrade and he is assisted by a very willing Sherlock and John.
Life at Baker Street

9)Give me some cock-sucking Lestrade. Deep-throating, getting his head held still and his mouth fucked hard, swallowing everything he's given. Bonus points if they're somewhere public, with the chance of being caught.
Mutual Gratification

10)Lestrade/John rape play

11)John getting frisked by Lestrade
Detective work

12)Sherlock is clean, but pretending to be a junkie. Lestrade is his arresting officer. Strip search, cavity search, humiliation, police brutality, etc.

13)A three-way Dom/sub relationship, with John and Lestrade both as Sherlock's doms. Simultaneously, because it seems like a guy wound as tight as Sherlock needs a tag team to take him apart.

14)Sherlock sends John over to Lestrade to borrow his uniform for a case. Lestrade feels that John should offer certain... favours, in exchange for the uniform. Cue sexytimes
Nothing is Free

15)Lestrade is a young PC who gets a call to shut down a disturbance at a party/nightclub. What he finds there are a bunch of university-age kids on drugs, and, in particular, a pretty dark-haired boy covered in glitter and high up on cocaine who tries to proposition Lestrade as a bribe.

16)Ever since he stopped smoking, Lestrade has to satisfy his oral fixation in different ways.
5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation

17)Lestrade in hemp rope bondage, full body harness and tied to the bed. John/Lestrade

Non-Lestrade Stories

18) Sherlock is attracted to children."John, you have to understand understand, I don't act on it. I can't control my feelings, I ca only control my actions, and I'd never-"
"Sherlock, it's fine. It's all fine."


19)Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage
Second fill Jim/sherlock

21)John loves being taken. He loves being taken like a man, by a man. John/Sherlock
Take It Like a Man

22)Sherlock cannot get enough. He especially likes to be taken again straight after. John loves that Sherlock wants him that much.
Double Dose

23)Dear, sweet, kind John has an unbelievably filthy mouth during sex. Like, make-a-sailor-blush, hardcore porno, even-the-devil-is-impressed, filthy mouth. Immediately after orgasm he turns back into dear, sweet, kind John. Sherlock is shocked/aroused.
Dirt·y –adjective (dirtier, dirtiest)

24) John spanking Sherlock. Maybe because he's being a pain; maybe just because it's fun.
Happy Spanksgiving!

25)Werewolf!John with mating urges. John/Sherlock

26)Can we have Sherlock coming from just prostate stimulation please? Like if John is all up in there being all 'tell me how I should touch you to get you off' but Sherlock is long gone and already tipping over into orgasm and can't respond. John is all 'holy crap! O_O'

27)Sherlock/Molly -- "the discovery of legs and breasts and, well, she does look lovely when she's naked (despite, of course, the clumsiness)"
The Undiscovered Molly


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