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28 Avengers stories behind the cut. 13 work safe and 15 explicit

General Audiences/'Safe' Works

1)Bruce and Dummy become friends.
Robots have feelings, too

2)The Media can't accept the Tony's bi. Steve disapproves.
Untitled Biphobia

3)Steve/Loki, Modern AU
Down from the Rafters

4)JARVIS's opinions of the team

5)Thor's stomach is not use to Migardian food. Loki takes sympathy on his brother.
Got Your Back

6)Bruce/Clint/Natasha/Steve/Thor/Tony+Coulson, polyamory. They're one giant, slightly dysfunctional relationship where everyone genuinely loves everyone else. They make it work.

7)In mythology, it isn't unusual for a god to favor and assist a mortal. Once Loki, the Liesmith; the trickster god, finds out that he has been lied to; has been fooled, he becomes Natasha's "patron god", either willingly or through some godly obligation.
Divine Intervention

8)MicroFill- Tony tries to explain what being Transgender is, and fails.
Deep In Its Tomato-y Soul

9)Loki/Other, rehabilitated BAMF!Loki, twisted friendship. (Long Prompt, read at fill)

10)Clint likes to perch in high places.
Thor's shoulders are a high place.
riding on Thor's shoulders {Mini-Fill}

11)Holy crap there is a giant wolf terrorizing downtown. Thor is screaming for his 'nePhew' to cease this at once! But to no avail. Loki shows up, tickles wolfie on the chin and goes "Oh honey did you miss me? it's ok mummy is here! Who's my cute little wolfie huh? You are yes you are whatchu doing downtown bebe? Oh Sweetie, is that for me? "
BUT WHAT? Crack, Loki babytalks his children

12)Deadpool is sick of seeing the sexual tension between certain members of the team. He only ever sees it in passing, when there's altercations between him and them. Or occasionally if they're forced to do some kind of publicity but it's driving him crazy.
So he takes it upon himself to find ways to get these couples together. The more insane the better.
Matchmaking Mastermind

13)Since Loki's of Jotun blood, he probably wouldn't react well to extreme heat. So what would happen if he were forced to cope with the worst of an American summer? I'm talking temperatures in the low 100s and oppressive humidity; the sort of weather where air conditioning barely makes a dent in the heat. Make it cracky, serious, smutty, whatever. I just want to see Loki suffer as much as I am right now.
And I'll offer up my firstborn if you manage to work in some Loki/Tony action.
Summer Haze

14)Loki is not fond if those who steal children.
Casualties of War

Explicit Works

15)Tony builds a sex machine. JARVIS, of course, is the one who controls it.
Sex Machine

16) Loki's plan to kill Tony takes an unexpected turn.

17)Thor has only the utmost respect and admiration for women warriors/valkyries/shieldmaidens etc. in Asgard - they are beautiful, terrible, fearsome things; and he'd bend over backwards - literally and figuratively! - if it'd please them.He has similar respect/admiration for - and some fear of - Natasha.After Natasha saves his life on a particularly nasty mission, Thor asks if he may show proper gratitude for her actions on the battlefield, through his own actions in her bed. Natasha, seeing no downside a being once thought to be a god offering himself up, accepts. Also some Thor/Maria Hill.
Warrior Woman Worship

18)I'd like Loki to be turned on by the scene where Natasha Romanova outwits him. How did she do that? He is, after all, the wittiest, most mischievous god there is... She tricked him and it makes him squirm. I'd like him to spend the rest of his time in the cage distracted by fantasies of her.

19)Steve catches Tony being a little too friendly with a man at some public event (not actually trying to cheat or anything, but heavy flirting, touching, maybe kissing) He drags Tony off to a private spot to teach him a....lesson about who he belongs to.
Steve/Tony - Possessiveness, jealousy, punishment!sex

20)So, everyone thinks Steve is an innocent young man. And while he is inexperienced, he was in the Army as a Captain thank ya very much. So, he does have his fun. First, with his crush (Clint or Bruce) he plays up the oblivious innocence and says and does things intentionally seductive to bother them under the collar. (I'm envisioning eating something cream-filled and it gets all over his mouth and he wide-eyedly asks if they're okay when they nearly seize out staring). But finally after they get together and they first have sex, he proves that he's a quick, quick study and not that innocent.. like, at all.
Now the fun part. Betting his new lover that he can get all the other Avengers to separately give him the sex talk if he asks in his naive, blushing way. His lover bets him that someone will see through his act.
Steve trolls them into giving "the sex talk

21)Loki is the master of finding pleasure in Punishment. He quite enjoys having his lips sewn shut.

22)It started with a message, a late-night visit, and a God of Mischief in Tony’s bed. A story of trust, trickery, unwilling aid and inevitable attraction.
Off The Record

23)While Steve may not be overtly homophobic he still somewhat buys into the idea that "real men" always top and that only stereotypically effeminate/weak men enjoy being penetrated. Then he walks in on an obviously enthusiastic Clint getting fucked through the mattress

24)While helping Tony clean out the lab Steve finds something...odd.
Fucking Machines

25)Loki has a new body and would like tony to help test it out.
Never Trust a God of Mischief

26)Clint/Everyone, Porn star AU

27)Thor/Steve/Tony, DP

28)Tasha getting herself off with a detachable shower-head. I can only imagine the ones in Stark Tower are very expensive, with a very high water pressure.
Wandering Mind


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