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General Audiences

1)From the Rise of the Guardians Kinkmeme: 'Bunnymund/Jack Frost: There's more than one Pooka'
Bunnymund learns to be careful what he wishes for. He may just get it.
Arctic Bunny

2)Just a bit of fluff featuring Pooka’s Jokul and Hyde, Guardian-Of-Fun’s Winter Prince and Rinpin’s Wee Bunny.
Hyde shows affection through a rough tongue and homicidal tenacities.
750 words. Based off of this art by Pooka-Curse

3)Jack and Pitch have been in a relationship for a while. Long enough that it's time for Jack's fellow guardians to give the Nightmare King a good, old-fashioned shovel talk. You know the one. The "I have a shovel and if you hurt Jack I will use it to bury you" one.
Shovels And Drills And Other Nice Things

4)Bunnymund's the kinda bunny that does things the right way, when he's finally made up his mind on something. He's made up his mind on Jack this time.
Cue official courting, Easter-style.
Bunny Goes A' Courtin'

5)The blizzard of '68? Was originally intended as Jack's last big hurrah before he killed himself, because he was so touch-starved and bone-deep tired of being alone. Then Bunny happened. He was ragingly furious at this upstart winter spirit, and ended up hurting Jack very badly when he caught him.
It was the first time Jack had been touched since his rebirth from the lake.
A Kiss with A Fist is Better than None


6)“Not so high and mighty now-” Jokul pulls the Prince’s head back, exposing his pale throat as he gives a particularly hard thrust. Princey groans, his nails biting gouges into the back of Jokul’s neck, drawing the bitter-sweet tang of blood. “-are you, Your Majesty-?”
And a 3.6 from the Lithuanian Judge

7)Jack's favourite fantasy fodder for wanking is being restrained, but after a while the fantasies start getting more and more detailed with the bonds basically having a level of sentience and overpowering and fucking him. Which is fine and dandy, but then one night the shadows creep up from under his bed, and, oh, oops, it actually happens, wow, Jack is in WAY OVER HIS HEAD and scared as shit but also really getting off on being scared.

8)Prompt response: Sex makes Jack feel like he is melting. And maybe he is, just a little. He blames the sun and horny Pookas.
Drowning of Heat

9)The time Jack touches himself and gets off imagining all of the things Bunnymund could do to him. He gets so into it, he's half-whispering to himself the things he'd be telling Bunnymund if his fantasy was actually happening.
Masturbation and Imagination

10)Oh man! I've been thinking that it's really easy for Jack to overheat, so having sex on a hot summer day would make him really lazy, lethargic and pliable- he'd just flop onto Bunny's chest and let him do all the work of lifting him, and he'd be blissed out and half asleep and sweaty, and once I thought of that, I couldn't resist prompting you.

11)Ever since they got together, Jack’s been sort of desperate to end his three hundred-year virginity. Bunnymund, however, is taking it too slow for comfort.
The Reluctant Rabbit and the Hormonal Teenager

12)Bunnymund is abnormally large and has a knot. Jack loves it

13)Pitch is fascinated by the way Jack looks when he sleeps; dead.
Different Ways to Breathe

14)It took barely a decade, a blink in his lifetime, for Pitch to recognise the difference between fighting Jack and fighting the other guardians. It was fun to fight Jack, not just for the satisfaction when winning a battle, but for the unsettling thrill of losing. Pitch could see in Jack's eyes that when children weren't involved, their fights were just games - not just part of the "job" of being a guardian. It had been a very, very long time since someone willingly decided to play a game with Pitch.
Reaching His Threshold


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