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Hetalia kinkmeme fics I liked.

1)All porn, no plot. fem!canada/fem!russia

2)America's hair grows out a little and it's revealed that BOTH he and Canada inherited those silky French locks.
Amber Waves of Grain

3)An Orgy of Love or G8 love fest for America
Sense of Touch

4)Prussia tying a willing Germany to his bed, and basically abusing/punishing him.

5)When France want slow, romantic love-making and England wants a quick, rough fuck, this is what you get.

6) Rome keeps dreaming of Germania.
Holds and Falls

7)Canada/America - Fucking Machine "Wired Differently"
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

8)Germany can't find love within his borders. Germany/Various
Wer nicht tanzen will am Schluss

9)Friends with benefits.Turkey/France
What We Have

10)The Dirty Adventures of Invisible Canada
The Benefits of Invisibility

11)America and Italy are BFFs and have been dating their respective partners for a while when somehow the idea comes up that they should have a foursome. (russia/fem!us/fem!italy/germany)

12)Spain didn't know he had that kink and Romano doesn't know what's going on.-Bladder Desperation/Watersports.
Part 1
Part 2

13)Three friends living together, just living. Bad Touch Trio

14)America loose on the streets of Ikebukuro.
Part 1
Part 2

15)A shota scenario where Alfred likes to play behaving like a cowboy. Also, he's not as innocent as England thinks. WARNING:Shota

16)Once bound to a nation, a colony was expected to be used in every way. America/England WARNING:Shota
Primroses and Daisies

17)He wants this, he wants me, but he is just a boy. WARNING:Shota
Fair Youth

18)The Nations play 'Ten Fingers'.
Ten Fingers, Or Why Switzerland Is The Only Sane Country.

19)America is jealous that his little brother is bigger than him.
Shameless PWP

20)He did everything for them-- he provided for them, he managed them, he was even building them roads!-- and it would be nice if, every now and then, they would do something for him, too. Rome/France/Spain Unfinished WARNING:Shota
A collection of treasures

21)Who's Sex is Better? France/Greece
The Great Debate

22)America's high obesity rate has caused his standard of beauty to change a bit, and he suddenly finds himself learning to appreciate Russia's...big-boned-ness. Russia is confused as fuck and not sure if he should be offended or flattered by the attention.

23)Scotland and Fem!Canada have kitchen sex while the rest of the British Isles and/or the Commonwealth is in the livingroom and try to avoid being caught.
If You're Canadian in the Kitchen

24)America wants China to teach he to survive.
Show me Your Strength

25)Germany's too big for Prussia to take.
Size Matters
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