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Story Dump: Marvel Part 2

1)They want you to love the whole damn world but you won't,
you want it all narrowed down to one fleshy man in the bath,
who knows what to do with his body, with his hands.
-Richard Siken, Driving, Not Washing.
the long slide from kingdom to kingdom

2)Bucky's a beat-up rentboy in need of a place to stay.
Night Light

3)Or: How Steve Rogers likes to play matchmaker for his infuriating best friends.
Marriage Counseling for the Inept and Oblivious

4)Bucky is still adjusting to life with the Avengers, and Steve is willing to do whatever it takes to make him feel comfortable. Increasingly, though, what seems to make him comfortable is strangely intimate.
Good Boy

5)Sam kept holding him, stroking gently. “Don’t worry, man, we’ll get through it,” and Steve believed that, suddenly and deep; that he and Sam would find a way to figure everything out.

6)On principle, Steve hated being blindfolded. Considering his line of work, it always spelled out bad things. However, he didn’t hate it enough to not let Natasha do it to him, especially since he knew he wasn’t in danger and also because he knew it typically led to very sexy times.

7)See, here’s the thing: Steve has a problem.
His problem is embodied in almost six feet of cocky smiles and toned muscles and tattoos and it starts three weeks into the school year when his life drawing professor announces that they’re finally moving onto studying the human form and says, “This is James. He’s going to be our first model.”
And the guy steps up onto the platform in the middle of the room and undresses without a lick of self-consciousness, smirking all the while, and Steve thinks, Oh, hell.
the poem which I do not write

8)They were about fifty miles from Atlanta when Sam stirred and yawned awake in the passenger seat. “Morning,” Steve said: the sun had come up, but the two-lane road was still pretty empty, a little morning mist hanging low over the asphalt and in the trees.
Maybe Home Is Somewhere I'm Going

9)“Well, you’re in my bed,” Steve quips cheerfully, “Not exactly something I can be modest about.”
Sam means to say, “Yeah, well, if you don’t start jacking me off, I’m gonna leave your bed,” but somewhere between his brain and his mouth the message gets tangled up in the persistent push of the plug against his insides, and what he ends up saying is, “You gonna fist me?”
a man could live

10)My porn is really getting sloppy…BUT have some fisting hiddlesworth because I love you all so much.

11)If it was up to Steve, he’d just never touch either of them again. He can’t choose. The thing that’s never occurred to him before is that he might not have to choose at all.
before sight, before speech

12)Phil Coulson is absolutely not compiling notes on Barton’s grappling line preferences with a hard-on.
That would be unprofessional.
Brace Yourself

13)They've successfully completed what might be the most dangerous mission in history: the recovery of the Winter Soldier.
Now comes the recovery of Bucky Barnes, which is turning out to be even more difficult.
A story about Bucky coming back to the surface with the help of Steve, Sam, pancakes, video games, the city of New York, assorted Avengers, and beds that--really, let's be honest here--are too soft to sleep on.
AKA the Greater New York PTSD Support Group

14)Before, Bucky loved Steve's size. After, he falls in love with the whole package.
Jonathan to his David

15)"Hey, hey," Bucky said, stroking his knuckles against the edge of Natasha's upper wing. "Leave me out of it. I told her you were touchy about people handling your wings, but," he grimaced, "They are looking a little ... neglected."
Steve didn't have to turn his head to know that that was true. Right now, his too-long primary feathers were dragging on the barroom floor, and he swore he used to have white wings, but no matter how he preened they remained a dingy, lackluster grey.
"Alright," he said with a sigh, glancing at the gift card before slipping it into his wallet. Seraphim Spa, it read in gold script, Massages, oil treatments and more.
put your arms around me baby (i just wanna fly)

16)In the early days of the Avengers, Steve catches Iron Man watching some of his old films--and sleeping, while watching them. This kicks off a series of not!dates between himself and Iron Man... and somethings that maybe are not-not!dates between himself and Tony Stark. Flash forward years and years, and Tony's still got the same reaction to Steve's old films (that is, they're his virtual warm milk before bedtime).
Celluloid Dates

17)Steve gets a job drawing dirty comics. Bucky thinks he needs help coming up with sketches. Not that Bucky minds posing in ladies' underthings.

18)Bucky drops into the trench. It’s pitchy black, and he’s good; there’s no warning save the displacement of air. Steve is wedged into a sentry stance beneath the earth, on guard and half-awake, when he feels Bucky come in like wind.
“What’s the secret password?” stage-whispers Steve.
“It’s ‘fuck off.’” Bucky displaces more air, wending Steve-wards. “Didn’t wanna startle you. Hoped you were gettin’ some sleep. You don’t sleep enough, Steve.”
“Whose fault is that?” Steve says, smiling under the ground in the dark. “C’mere.”
Orders came for sailing

19)They used to think Captain American was impervious to any drug, but drugs nowadays are a lot stronger and smarter than they used to be. (Takes place somewhere between The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.)
You can't call it 'Veritaserum'

20)"I know you’re still finding your way around the 21st century, and I know that when you were young it wasn’t as easy for…you probably got used to playing along to some degree."

21)Or, how Tony's manwhoring was finally duly appreciated.
Polyamorous Avengers

22)Subway Groping Part 1

23)Subway Groping Part 2
Untitled Exhibitionist!Steve Fic

24)Being best friends with Steve’s given him the long years of practice at talking bigger than he is that keeps Bucky’s voice from wavering on, “Steve, what’re you doing?”
That affords him a look, exactly one, which is what clues him in that Steve hasn’t met his eyes up til now.
“Earning my keep.”
Black Your Boots

25)"I dream about the ice," Steve says. "About being in the ice."
The Ice in Windless Cold

26)“TMZ has enough fun spreading rumors about just the two of us; just think of all the trouble they could cause if they knew I’d invited over all your superhero friends to fuck you until you scream.”
we're gonna have a good time

27)Steve's fairly certain that he should find his current situation stranger than he does. He's still surprised, of course, and a little embarrassed, to find himself sitting with two highly trained assassins and an extraterrestrial who lends his name to a weekday while one of the world's greatest scientific minds purrs seductively to another about how they're all going to take turns fucking his ass, but not nearly as much as he'd have anticipated.
Twice on Sundays

28)There it is, the word he's been trying harder than anything not to even think, and now that it's out there's no hiding from it. (aka the Angry Goat Noise remix; no spoilers for movie)
Mornings Most of All (Truth or Consequences remix)

29)steve/sam - three ficlets - one giant shitstorm of feelings
too bad no one is awake for this

30)Steve returns the favor Natasha once bestowed upon him.
Violate All The Love That You've Given

31)"Oh god," Pepper says. "Are you kidding me?"
Five Other Uses for the Arc Reactor

32)“Swear to God Bucky, when you're being such a babe I oughta be like your daddy and put you over my knee.” Steve complained.
“Why don't you then?” Bucky called out, hands raised in the air.
(Or the one where Steve discovers Bucky's kinks and is totally surprised by them)
Do it, Rogers

33)Bucky tries to call his friend and ends up calling a guy named Steve by mistake.
(Calling the wrong number AU)
I'm with you on the end of the line

34)The serum made Steve bigger, faster, stronger. It also made him hornier. Natasha steps in when his right hand isn't up to handling the job anymore, but is Steve in over his head?
Hit Me With Your Best Shot

35)Tony Stark has never done this one thing in the bedroom. He decides the time is right to have Thor help him fix that problem. Except Thor has a hell of a lot more to add to the equation than just enthusiasm...
Sex God

36)Basically a dissertation on Bruce's sadism. But a naked dissertation. With orgasms. And sharp implements.

37)Tony likes to push his limits. Pepper and Bruce like to help.
you think you're the center of the universe

38)"Well okay," Sam says, eyebrows raised. "No one told me I was signing up to join an elite team of prostitute superheroes."
Never Have I Ever

39)Imagine bucky, sam, and steve celebrating passover.

40)Quick and dirty, so there may be mistakes. Bottom!Thor because reasons.

41)Steve/ Bucky, merpeople AU

42)"And so," Tony concludes triumphantly, "you owe it to science, to yourself, and to the people of New York City to have tons of hot awesome monster sex with me."
Stark, A.E., and Banner, R. Bruce. (2013). "Biodosimetric Tools for Measuring Induced Isomeric Transition in Inverted Paired States." International Journal of Radiation Biology 89.9, 43-85.

43)Tony really likes watching Bruce become the Hulk. Like, really.
That's a Maybe

44)Rhodey is proud of Tony, even if he doesn't often tell him.
A Privilege

45)Clint was born an Omega, but with the use of various medicines and finally a medicine pump, he's not had to deal with heats in years. And that's just the way he likes it. Better to not be subservient to anyone. But when General Ross and his soldiers learn about this, they realize they've finally found a way to show the world just what a monster their newly minted hero, the Hulk is, with Clint as bait.

46)Clint and Hulk are working up to taking their relationship to the next level. But when a mailroom mix-up lets Clint know about one of Steve's hobbies, he seizes the opportunity to ask for some invaluable advice.
More Than Enough To Go Around

47)"This isn't what it looks like," Tony says.
Five Things the Avengers Caught Tony Stark Trying to Put in His Ass

48)Tony wants Pepper to hurt him. Pepper needs Rhodey to help her.
Libertine Hero

49)sleep, smash, sparring, science, sex.
Five Ways to Get In Touch with Your Inner Mild-Mannered Scientist

50)Thor wonders whether any of them know. He wonders if like tears without shame it is something Midgardians do not do, or if it is rare, like the tale of the Rings of Power, or if it is something that needs only be asked for as Thor asked Natasha to spar with him.
Flying Monkeys, or Five Times Thor Engaged in Cultural Exchange

51)When Tony Stark was seventeen years old, he built his first AI. On that day, he ceased to be his father's creation, and became a creating force in his own right.
That one act likely saved his life, and not always in the most obvious ways.

The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation

52)Tony's in one of his moods. Rhodey's in no mood for it at all.

53)Steve is wearing Bucky's shirt.
The Clothes Make The Man

54)Immediately after Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve enlists Tony to help him fuck a mind-wiped and perfectly compliant Bucky Barnes. Warning:Non-con
Perfect Soldier

55)or, 5 Times The Avengers Thought Tony Or Pepper Was Cheating With Rhodey, and 1 Time When Steve Got It Right.
Tony seems none-the-wiser to all the flirting between his girlfriend and his best friend. Or at least that's what the team thinks.
Do You Know What Today Is?


56)"Hey," Alex says, "pull my hair again. That would be cool."
Adapt, Survive

57)Alex has seen more people die than he wants to remember. With a mutation like his, death is his constant companion. Never before has he been this haunted. Armando walks in his dreams and Alex doesn’t know how to move on, he doesn’t know how to adapt. When the dreams start to change, Alex finds himself trapped between the question of his sanity and the war that isn't going to wait until he’s ready.
Dream A Little Dream

58)Alex discovers another benefit to Darwin's mutation-- namely, that it's really, really good for bottoming.
Sated (Coming Back For Seconds And Thirds Remix)

59)More Darwin, adapting, and porn.

60)He just wants his friend back.
Every Minute of Every Day