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nonbinary cole who to be honest is pretty confused by how...rigid everyone is about gender, and is trying to work out what gender is the 'right' one to have, because it seems like people think there should be
cue cole asking everyone in skyhold about their genders and what exactly it all means--and ultimately the answer is, of course, that there is no 'right' gender

Dorian agreed to play his part, got married, never joined the Inquisition. His wife is aware of his situation and just want to get pregnant but sex is a disaster, Dorian can't get it up for her and refuses to use slaves to help him out.
Dorian's wife decides to try a different approach - she plays with Dorian's ass (fingering, beads, rimming etc), then fucks him with a strap on, until he's a blubbering mess begging for a release, then she has him fuck her.
Dorian/wife AU

Solas has learned to fight with more than just magic.

Uldred coming on to Anders, Anders DOES NOT WANT
Why You Can't Love Me

Arishok finds out that it was Fenris who slaughtered the Seheron Fog Warriors
Removing the Chains

Cullen being a voyeur. He watches as Dorian gets sucked off by some unnamed man in a dark corner of the tavern. No established relationship or anything. Cullen has never really thought about men, but he finds himself very interested.
Wicked Eyes

Sketch and Tug were clearly having sex, but I want Sketch topping Tug. Despite his nervousness during the missions, he's a total dom in the bed, and Tug loves it.
Stay Away From Storytellers

Alright, given that Solas flounces off and is revealed to be the Dread Wolf... I'd really - really like a prompt that fits in line with that - all angsty and smutty. Perhaps Lavellan goes after him and finds out the hard way she was in love with a god, or he goes to her in the fade. Either way I would love some drama when he finally tells her what was going on - especially since Fen'harel is not a favorite god of the Dalish. However, please make it have a happy ending. Or at least a happy-ish one.

I have a thing for Awakenings!Anders. I need him to celebrate his freedom from the Circle by doing what (I wish) he loves best: going down on a helpless lady Warden until she comes, and comes and multiple comes and who is left a quivering, mewling heap of satisfied woman.
Tastes like Freedom

Solas hunts the Inquisitor like a wolf stalking prey, catches her, and fucks her like an animal.
The Midnight Trail

So obviously you can only romance Solas if you're an elf, but what if Solas found Trevelyan very appealing and at the same time is really pissed at her for drawing his attention to a human of all things? After another trip and weeks of staring at her, compared to female elves, not-so-petite breasts and ass, he decides he's had enough and seeks her out. Rough, angry sex happens.

Alistair x pretty much everyone male who appears in the game, every possible warning aka Alistair's "Suck ALL The Cock" tour of Ferelden
Moral support

There is always a chance that the Inquisitor will be heading to ball or some fancy Orlesian soiree. So, I would love to see some fics about your Inquisitor and their companions (either romantically or otherwise) having to attend! Do they love it or hate? Are they forced to dance? Do they even know how?!
Orlesian Balls Multi fill

Amell reacts to seeing Alistair in templar armour

Cole learns how to make flower crowns...and he goes about giving one to EVERYONE.
Of Flowers and Happiness, The Elusive Nature Of Which

My Femquisitor absolutely adores Cole. In my head canon, she sees him as the little brother she never had and does everything she can to protect him and make him happy. I'm looking for a fill about a LI (mine is currently Cullen, but I really would be happy with any LI) who realizes that Femquisitor snuggles with Cole. It is strictly platonic/sisterly. I just want to see their reaction.
Help & Hurt

Blackwall's a sexy, hairy, masculine beast w/ that hot lumberjack vibe going on. Just look at that beard -- looks like he's been washing that puppy with some goddamn Pantene or some shit. I'd like to see a PWP where a F!PC basically appreciates how handsome he is with lots of playfulness and foreplay and steamy action.
Knight Takes Queen

I would love to see anything with a young (18-25 years old or so) female inquisitor having a daddy dom relationship with either Cullen or Blackwall (I would give you the world if you could include both of them).
Teach Me.

what if a female inquisitor (any race, don't care, but preferably not qunari, for size kink purposes) really liked Iron Bull and is hearing all this stuff. How would she feel? Perhaps she's the complete opposite of what he fancies - instead of red hair, hers is black, and her skin is tanned instead of pale and freckled. She's not experienced, maybe she's a virgin, maybe she's unsure of herself and awkward, self conscious, and none of this is helping matters. Maybe hearing him be so open about his kinky encounters simultaneously thrills and terrifies her. How could he like her? How could she be enough? What happens, anons? Does this just end in angst or do we get some devirginizing smut?
An Education

Dorian teasing f!Inq and Cullen about their relationship to their mutual horror. Or maybe Dorian and f!Inq gossiping about Cullen making him nervous. Maybe Dorian and Cullen commiserate over this crazy woman they both deeply care for. I just want to see F!Inq and Cullen in a relationship with Dorian as her BFF and see how that dynamic plays out.
Unlikely Friendships

She always hangs out outside of the tavern in Skyhold where he and Bull are. I feel like they would be very adorable together, despite the fact that they'd probably go on dates that consisted of killing bandits or something. Krem/Harding
Wine & Cheese

Qunari have estrous cycles, nobody told Adaar. Shit hits the fan.
hold dominion over me

Dorian tops from the bottom.
Try me

despite all of Iron Bull's swaggering promises of conquer and domination, it's Dorian who ends up casually rocking Iron Bull's world, practically with a yawn. aka Dorian casually gives Iron Bull the best fuck of his life

cullen wearing womens underwear and getting off on it
History of Touches

"I will not allow your hair to destroy the Inquisition before it has even had a chance for baby steps," said Leliana.
Well, now that was a bit of an exaggeration. It was just hair and Cullen didn't see much wrong with it, apart from the comb-destroying aspects of it.

I'd really like to see some angry sex. Im disinclined in my shipper heart for full-on, "can't stand you" hatesex, but power struggles as they both try and top the fuck out of each other, or even subwall taking all the violent sex she throws at him are all for the good
The Inquisitor Will See You

Honestly there's so much to play with. Bull having a thing for dirty talk and Varric of course being exceptional at it. Varric and Bull taking part in raunchy dirty outdoor rutting while on the road, Varric topping from the bottom, tying Bulls Wrists to his horns I. Could. Go. On. Need more bull and varric.
Silver Tongue

Somebody leaves a bascket of puppies at Skyhold. Or maybe it's a gift from a noble. Inquisitor and her inner circle take care of them.
Puppy Love

After everything Cullen has been through he'd have a hard time giving up control. I also think that with all that power just thrusted on her, the Inquisitor likes being able to give up control.
Who's In Charge?

Fenris getting himself off to a male Hawke
Silver-Tongued Bastard

Blackwall as a service top & Cullen as a power bottom
To Bend and Serve

Iron Bull, still riding the high of battle, is incredibly horny and wants to have his wicked way with Dorian right there behind some bushes while the Inquisitor and the others are busy elsewhere.
Dorian is less than receptive. It's cold. The ground is hard. There are bugs. He's going to ruin his clothes.
Basically, Iron Bull tries to be all sexy and domineering, and Dorian just shits all over that. Because fuck, he's not having sex in the dirt like some animal. If Bull wants to get some, he's going to have to provide a proper bed.
Rough 'N Tumble

varric asks cassandra to dance at halamshiral!
lady and dwarf

bull makes no secret how much he likes the gingers. he's attracted to the inquisitor but sees him bathing and sees his glorious glorious red chest mane and is instantly fixated. cue bull being very frank about his appreciation (dirty talk v much appreciated) and then proceeds to worship him but in a rough sort of iron bull way

Varric is pretty much everyone's big brother, but Hawke also looks out for him the other way 'round. S/he knows about Bianca and when Varric mentions he has a new boyfriend, Hawke is apprehensive. It took Varric about 15 years to get over his old flame and the Inquisition isn't exactly full of well-adjusted people, anyway. Hawke just wants to have a closer look at the new man in Varric's life – especially considering the guy's the Inquisitor/a Qunari spy/a Tevinter magister/a Templar going through withdrawal who also kidnapped Hawke's sister to the Circle that one time/any other choice. What does Hawke think of Varric's lover?
A Warning

Varric and Solas often play double dads for Cole, alongside the amiable banter they have with each other and their respect for each other. I just want to see them both teaming up to advise or comfort Cole or just having a conversation about it and find that they're getting closer through their mutual worry about Cole and the Inquisitor.
The Talk

Varric/Anders OR Varric + Anders
No Place Like Home

i feel so dirty even asking about it but i mean alpha bull sniffing out varric in heat help why do i want the thing so bad pls

So, show me the Inquisition's coffee shop AU, Anons. Does Josephine run it? Is Dorian the flamboyantly gay barista flirting with M!Lavellan and Cadash? F!Adaar the policewoman in training, M!Trevelyan the barista with a crush on both Cassandra and Cullen/Solas? Iron Bull the cop just trying to get a frickin' coffee on his break?
One Late Evening

"Dorian's a sweet guy. He's gentle, and he cares under all that bluster."
I want to see a scene that solidifies this impression of Dorian for Iron Bull that leads to that bit of in-game dialogue. Dorian lets his guard down enough to be sweet (to Bull) is pretty much the prompt. Sex is awesome, but not necessary.
An arrangement of some sort

Cullen really, really wants to fuck his lady's thighs.
Tried to make it an ambiguous Inquisitor as possible, hope this suits!

By the time they made it to the demon, Imshael, Dorian was not only fed up he was tired. His limbs ached, more than they should from fighting demons and red templar. Even quite so many as that. His head hurt, his nose was cold, sore and probably an unattractive shade of red.

Cole and Krem having an awkward first date, kiss, sex? Whatever! Give me something anons!
A Spirited Lovestory

Even though Elven feet are pretty resilient, there are some things barefeet are just not meant to walk over.
Cue the other Party members having to give their elven friend's a ride.
Over the Glass

let's say that in kirkwall one of the knight captain's duties was to service other templars when they needed to relax, so when Cullen gets captured Samson puts him right back to work.
like so much meat

Cullen comes to Kirkwall after this whole mess in Fereldan Circle, and finds himself unable to get it on with a lady, due to having flashabacks on desire demons. But he thinks other guys might be relatively-safe territory, so he tries (+ bonus points if it's really difficult for him.possibly tormenting even. hit my sadistic fancy??).
need you so fast, need you so right away

Dorian's comments about a romanced Blackwall imply if he hadn't thought about bedding him before, he probably has now. They're at each other's throat constantly, bickering over silly things, but all Dorian can think about is a crude rough hand grabbing his hair as he's taken roughly from behind. He can't stop thinking about how warm Blackwall must be, and hothouse orchids thrive in the heat.

I REALLY want Cole to have a friend and I love love love Krem. Can be shipping or just fluffy things! Make Cole happy!
The Measure Of A Man

Krem/Harding Art

The Inquisitor really wasn't to sure about the Chargers when she met them, so the Inquisitor picks a charger( Dalish, or Krem) for a romp to convince him/her to hire the chargers on.
For the right price

One of Hawke or co. sits down one day and reads Anders Manifesto. The reason the read it could be they were bored and there was nothing else to do, maybe they thought it was something else, whatever the reason they read it.
And they realize it isn't just crazy ramblings but well thought out ideas and peaceful solution to the problems with the circle, templars and Chantry. They are surprised by the fact that he doesn't want the circle destroyed he just wants it to be a safe place for mages to learn before being allowed out to use their gifts to help people.They are surprised that he doesn't call for the death of all templars. He only asks the ones who do something wrong face proper punishment for their crimes.
Lost Things Found

Iron bull and Krem having violent, rough sex, where they're fighting/wrestling, including smack talk, and (playful/non serious) insults. Fighting the whole time, but everythings consensual. Also, maybe fluffy cuddling after.
Violent sex

While drinking together, Blackwall starts to come on strongly to the Inquisitor: pulling him onto his lap, groping him under the table or even in front of the others, whispering filthy things in his ears about what he wants to do to him. He admits he's always thought male elves can be every bit as pretty as any woman, and while he is straight he finds their androgyny erotic. I'd doubly love it if the Inquisitor isn't just "okay" with it, he actively enjoys someone treating him more like a nameless tavern wench than the Herald of Andraste for a change.
As Pretty As Any Lass

Don't ask me where this came from but I'd really like to see some hot sex between these two. King!Alistair, Drunk!Alistair or Warden!Alistair all welcome. Plot or no Plot. Just want some action from my favorite apostate and my favorite almost templar.
Your Majesty

Hawke loves sex and wants an opportunity to just have at it like nuts. She or he and Isabela engineer a situation where Isabela finds interested persons that look clean and brings them to a safe room in a public place (say one of the back rooms in the Hanged Man, for example) where they can then fuck Hawke, who is blindfolded gagged, bound (comfortably) and ready to be used. Hawke is thrilled by the idea of just spending a night being fucked senseless by as many people as can be found, followed by a nice, relaxing clean up bath with Isabela.
Full Immersion

Isabela and Hawke are sex buddies. She's the first woman he's actually enjoyed being with but yearns for Anders. Hawke has never been with a man and Isabela offers to *take him* to give him an idea on what he will experience with Anders.
Bonus: Anders is spying on them and is shocked and happy Hawke feels that way and is both touched & aroused as he watches Isabela take him.

F!Hawke, Fenris, and a strap on. Bonus points for Fenris, usually dominant with Hawke, turning into a begging bottom once she starts playing with his arse.
Show me your honor

I would like to see Fenris in the middle of a threesome, with two partners focused on driving him three kinds of insane.

josephine pegging cullen. pls I need this.
Wicked Tryst

Every fandom could use more pegging, I don't see it nearly often enough and it's one of my favorite kinks. And Blackwall just feels like the perfect candidate...
Love Me Tender

Anders has had to give up a LOT to merge with Justice and help him in his work: no excessive drinking, little to no romantic life, nothing 'distracting,' and Maker help him if he gets involved in any morally grey areas. This makes Anders broody and wonder what his life would have been like if he hadn't merged with Justice. (Or joined the Grey Wardens. Or been born a mage. Or...) Justice is determined to show him just how much he's gained in his new life. Cue sex in the Fade as "reward" for Anders' good work, as a way to keep Anders from following after Hawke/Fenris/whomever, to distract him from his brooding, to convince him that Justice is the only person/thing Anders needs in his life.
I Will Possess Your Heart

Whenever Anders is looking particularly haggard and worn out, Varric gently but forcefully invites him to stay the night in his suite. He gets a few drinks in Anders or tells a few jokes to lighten the mood but always eventually tells Anders a story to soothe him to sleep. He does have a soothing voice, after all.
Who Heals the Healer?

One of the rare effects of taking lyrium is impotence and complete lack of any sexual urges, which is exactly what happened to Cullen.
When he stopped taking lyrium, he started to experience desire for the first time in years. He decides to takes care of himself, slowly exploring his body, touching himself all over, discovering erogenous zones, no rush, no shame, just him and his hands roaming all over his body.

We always see Anders humilliated, so how about we get some Fenris suffering on this meme? How about some watersports or bladder desperation? I wanna see him squirm.
Agreggio Pavali

"Is that what all men in Tevinter do to their ladies?"
"I wouldn't know. I just wanted to kiss you there."
He Knows One Thing

Someone is enamored of a companion, and offers money to that companion so that they will allow the payer to give the payee oral sex. The payee is flattered by the attention and everything is consensual.
Civic Responsibility

F!Inquisitor wearing Cullen's feather thingy
Left Hand, Free

I just want one of the male characters to make a habit of feeling on himself in public until he cums. At least once, I'd like for him to cum in his own pants. I want there to actually be the risk of him getting caught. Please no private corners of abandoned warehouses or hiding under bushes. I want people in his line of sight that could easily spot him, as well.
Under Mother's Watchful Eyes

Cullen's reaction to walking in on naked Bull lounging on his bed is... interesting. He moves his head away, but his eyes keep looking at Bull. And Bull's response to him is great too. I just need to see something with these two.
Third Time Lucky

Someone realises that Cole would make a great spy so they somehow trick him into believing that getting deep into the minds of their companions is good for them. Maybe using a spell or some artefact-- doesn't matter, really. What matters is that Cole starts to tell the person about the team's sexual fantasies. The person is intrigued, orders Cole to go deeper and deeper, until he discovers their most hidden fantasies - stuff maybe they don't even realise they fantasise about.
Sweet Noise

Two characters are alone at the campsite. One of them decides to sneak in a covert wank while the other is occupied with guard duty.
They think they're being stealthy about it. They are wrong.
Radical Self Love

Varric/Cole - Varric knows it's wrong

He was totally going to blow Chantry. He really was. Everything was set up and ready to go. But then one of the stray cats that hang around his place fell asleep on his lap and he can't just move him. It'll wake him up! Waking up a sleepy, comfortable cat is like, 10x worse than blowing up people. He's an abomination, not evil for Maker's sake.
So Soft. So Fluffy.

I really just want to see Cullen humiliated and desperate to go. Tales reminiscent of the whole Anders-Wetting-Himself era are most welcome. It can take place during DA:I or before, but so long as it's a) sexual, b) involves humiliation, and c) desperation play, I'm happy.
Cullen + Humiliation + Desperation Play

no plot necessary, just Isabela fucking any of the companions with a strap-on.
The Party That Plays Together

Can I ask for Steve/ Bucky, using of sex toys? With sloppy seconds, please?


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