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1)An unexpected by-product of the serum makes Bruce a little curious.
Test Subject

2)Sam comes home and catches Steve in the middle of something.

3)“Think the cops come by Walmart arresting people for indecent exposure often?” The dark-haired man spoke, voice thick with arousal as he let his hands ghost up Steve's shirt. Steve hissed at the contact, focusing on not dropping his groceries on the floor as a thumb flicked his nipple into a hardened nub.
“God I hope not.” Steve all but purred in response.
Clean Up On Aisle 3

4)Steve knows what Sam likes, and Sam is all about giving it to him.

5)Steve is lonely and the number on his phone-screen is unfamiliar. He's not the social type, not even close, yet there's something about the man on the other side that makes him interested. He doesn't hang up until two hours later.
If I Was There

6)He gets why Steve does this, he does. Taking a night off from being good and perfect and everything he’s supposed to be that’s like a mountain on his shoulders. Bucky doesn't mind taking a night off from being himself too.
Night Off

7)“Who sent you?” Steve said.
“Colonel Rhodes tapped me, specifically,” Wilson said. “But pretty much all your friends were behind the idea.”
“All my friends are dead,” Steve said.
Off By Two

8)Clint does something that he will probably regret.
momentary loss of connection

9)Clint has been a hooker for most of his life, but he's never had a client quite like this cellist from New York.
You Kill the Lights, I'll Draw the Blinds

10)Howard thought he knew what he was getting into. But it may be more than what he bargained for.
This story hints at dark!Steve and more than hints at pet!Howard.
How Much is that Puppy in the Window?

11)The bigger they come, the harder they fall.
Flight Deck

12)Howard is the perfect little woman. Or the universe where Howard gets spanked all the time.
Stark Family Values

13)Steve wasn't expecting Bruce to be so endowed, but they could work their way up to it, sure. Steve had absolutely no issues with that at all. He would be able to take Bruce in no time.
Size that Matters

14)"Fifty for an hour," Steve tells her. "Sixty for my mouth." Steve sells the only thing he’s got left and Natasha's buying. She’s not the only one.
Near, possible, inevitable

15)Clint is a succubus. No, he doesn't kill people by having sex with them. He's just really, really hungry.

16)Clint looks defiant, and Tony chuckles. “I think it’s a hot kink.”
What's Your Kink?

17)Peggy enjoys breaking Steve.
Ruined by a Single Sweetness

18)It isn't that Bruce does not like Steve (quite the opposite). It's that Bruce very much can't have Steve, not the way he would like. After all, Steve is Captain America, and Captain America is a paragon of command and control.
In other words, not submissive.
(Or how Bruce is sometimes the least observant scientist in the world, Steve is shyly in love and tells this to Bruce with food, and the team mostly just wants to make sure their supply of baked goods doesn't dry up.)
To Taste

19)Clint is the Avengers' sub - all of theirs. And on days when they all have it off, it's the day they all get to pamper Clint.
On Days Like These

20)Steve doesn’t cope well with media attention. Bruce lends a helping hand.
Astrolabe and Carousel

21)Everyone has coping mechanisms; they're not meant to become our lives.
The Control of Tension

23)Bruce wants to apologize to Steve for getting a little out of hand during their sex marathon but Steve informs him that's there's nothing to apologize for. Bruce finds out what Steve really wants and happily gives it to him, but because Steve is such a good boyfriend they decide to film it so Tony won'y miss out.
Steve Begs and Bruce Gets His Way and Everybody is Happy

24)People are complicated beasts, the Avengers even more so. Luckily they have each other.

25)Bucky isn't used to making decisions for himself anymore and he would rather have Steve do it.
I Still Choose You

26)A continuation of the universe I established in "I Still Choose You", a kink meme prompt response about Bucky wanting Steve to be in charge after his Hydra ordeal, and for the author to also show the "non sexual aspects of 24/7 D/s". It's also inspired by a comment I got about using safewords. MCU, a few months after Bucky has started to recover.
A Rage I Won't Deny

27)Bucky shook his head to hear the jingle of his tags. The blue star had MY NAME IS BUCKY on the front and IF FOUND PLEASE CALL and Steve's phone number on the back. The silver disc was stamped with the seal of Homeland Security and the document number of the memo finding James Buchanan Barnes fit for contact with civilians--better than a certified rabies vaccine any day.
Collar and Tag Him

28)Unable to trust SHIELD, Steve runs with Bucky. Together they try to evade HYDRA and SHIELD alike with varying degrees of success as they struggle with Bucky’s conditioning and his slowly returning memories. When Steve is captured, Bucky is forced to take charge, bringing things to a head.
Hurts So Good

29)Bucky honestly hadn't intended anything by coming home covered in the scent of an omega in pre-heat, but he realised what a mistake he might have made when he pushed the door to their little apartment open and immediately found himself reeling back from the sensory assault that was overpowering their rooms.
Oh, shit, he realised. Steve was in rut. The scent of him basically clogged the air with the thick, heavy smell of an alpha at the peak of his mating cycle.
It's Heat Like That

30)Bucky is angrier at Steve than he’s ever been in his whole life.
Steve has made a lot of damn punk fool decisions before, and Bucky’s tried to head off as many at the pass; but there is no accounting for this Captain America horseshit. None.
the irresistible sea is to separate us

31)In which Steve Rogers is blissfully happy with Peggy Carter, until his old flame waltzes into town like nothing ever happened. Emotions run rife, but luckily Peggy is the Queen of fixing things. Now if only she can stop staring at said old flame, too.
Fallen angels in the night

32)Practice and supervision makes perfect.
Take Some Hands and Get Used to It

33)Bucky and Peggy have something to cross off their respective bucket lists. Steve is enlisted to help them.
The Gay One

34)Steve, alone and out of place in the future, thinks back on what could have been.
Could Have Had It

35)No is a bad word and invites punishment.
Or, Alexander Pierce is a very bad man who delights in manipulating and degrading the asset.
The Knowing Makes It Worse

36)The thing about Clint Barton is he’s not actually a pervert.
Depending on who you talk to, Clint Barton is actually incredibly lucky, has impossible timing, believes in not killing the mood, left his cell phone in the freezer…again, or honestly just wanted you to know that Coulson made cookies and Thor is threatening to eat them all. Depending on which of his roommates you’re talking to that is.
Or: 5 Times Clint walked in on a team member masturbating, and 1 time vengeance was had.
Dammit Barton! - A Merry Band of Masturbators

Harry Potter

37)A quick and unexpected round in Remus’ heat.

38)Padfoot ‘experiments’ with Remus.

39)He’d had no idea. Well, that’s not entirely true. He’d had some idea, when Remus told him about the collar, that this is what he’d had in mind.
The Thing With The Collar

40)How it happened, from beginning to end, from the man who started it all.
The Man Who Would Be King

41)In which James is a menace, there is a problem with the plan, and a misunderstanding results in awkwardness and boyfumbling.
Necessary Supplies

42)In which Sirius is possibly naked, and Remus' mind is not the safest place to be.
The Problem with Eggnog, Uncommon Thoughts, and Sharing a Bed with Sirius Black

43)In which Harry finds something interesting in Sirius' old things.
Padfoot's Spiked Collar

44)In which we learn there are three sides to every story. Except when there are four. Except when there are five.
Dirty Laundry, and the Airing Thereof

45)Remus means it as a joke.

46)Post-war: Tonks has found a way to bring Sirius back, but the requirements are... strict. When do the ends justify the means? Remus must deal with his own feelings as he does what he has to do to give Harry back his godfather. (Canon compliant through OoTP.)
Something You Should Know

47)In which Sirius finds Harry in an interesting position and promptly takes advantage.
Sins of the Father

48)"So", Harry said slowly, not sure if he was seeing the situation clearly, "You did something and it hurt your partner. He has something like a break-down during your fight and you - you run away to get drunk and pick up someone else?"
"I didn't plan on this", Sirius said, making a wide gesture with his hand, "I didn't mean to make you part of this, really. I just wanted to get drunk enough to forget about it for some time. This - it just happened."
Never Like This

49)"Please, tell me you still have a dose of wolfsbane available", he said, his voice melodic but with an edge of desperation.
Whoever the hooded stranger was had the distinct twist in his voice that basically screamed well-bred pureblood. A light shiver crawled up Harry's back - was the man a werewolf that had forgotten to take his final dose? Out on a full moon night?
Dances With Wolves

50)Harry finally gets the lessons he needs and deserves.
Learning His Lesson

51)Set post-PoA. Sirius escapes to Haiti, taking Remus with him. They take advantage of the solitude to renew their relationship.
Beach Dogs

Guardians of The Galaxy

52)Post-coital, Drax tells Peter about his wife and daughter; Peter later tells Drax about his mother and grandfather.
Pillow Talk

53)Learning to live with his new friends is an adjustment for Peter Quill, especially when he learns that they're all massive cockblocks.
The Four Times Peter Quill Really Regrets Having Friends (And the One Time He's Too Desperate To Care)

54)Groot made a remark, one that anyone else would have thought was, “I am Groot,” but Rocket knew better. He heard the real sentiment: It feels good out here.
Between the Words

55)Rocket and Groot make a good team, and Groot isn't going to let a little thing like completely incompatible biology prevent them from taking very good care of each other.
A Good Team

56)Finally, Peter has found someone who appreciates awesome music just as much as he does. Now he just needs to figure out what to do about it.
Dance Buddies

57)Groot had always been affectionate with Rocket, but they had never done anything like this, not before.
Torn Apart

58)They're very good at a lot of things, but none of those things are very good.
A Short List of Relevant Skills and Abilities

Danny Phantom

59)Sometimes Vlad really hated his inability to say no to the people he cared about. They were fortunately a small number or he would be doomed. But when Maddie had called asking for a favor he had said yes before he even heard what it was.
In retrospect that had been less than wise.
Instincts Will Lead You Home

60)It is a biological imperative in all living things to procreate. Even Halfas.
Natural Behavior for the Unnatural Soul


61)Sebastian really wants Chris to his Daddy. Especially after seeing him with that beard.
all i wanna see you in is just skin

62)Chris made an offer. Sebastian said yes. And today’s the day they sign the contract.
Like O, Like H

Almost Human

What's the likelihood that I could get a fic where Dorian is being rimmed btw?

The Convent

64)sting, reason,
Striking Bargains


65)She rolls off your prostrate body, tugs your cuffs. She’s sharp as sin, tonight, slicked black from throat to heels in a Shipwright’s working clothes.
“Up and at ‘em, Conscript,” she says. “We’ve got a ways to go with you yet.”
we used to play outside when we were young
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