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24 stories behind the cut.

1)Creative sexual positions, Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston; Victorian AU; 19 year old Tom/31 year old Chris; self-fellation
30 Day OTP Porn Challenge Fills

2)Zach suggested the idea once he found out what they were up to.
Chris mentioned it to Tom after dinner, his voice slightly commanding. (Damn habits.)
Tom shuddered at the thought. Was it for pleasure or fear? Maybe it was both.
Will to Please

3)In which Tom really likes being smacked around and Chris is very good mean good with his hands.

4)Chris is beginning to think Tom might be taking this Loki thing just a little too far.

5)Tom is a teenage hitchhiking out in the desert. Chris is a trucker who gives him a lift.
friday night at the drive-in

6)Tom Hiddleston/tentacles. Somewhere in the fuzzy grey area between dub-con and non-con and total crack.
Tom’s pond adventure

7)Shame and guilt fought logic and arousal - he was twice Tom’s age and having someone so needy and dependent on him, so easily swayed and manipulated with smiles and kind gestures was thrilling.

8)There’s tenseness in Tom’s stance, Chris can see it easily. Tom’s eyes are almost pleading for him as he stands at Chris’ door. Chris smiles at him, soft and friendly as he lets Tom through.
Stress Relief

9)Tom accidentally discovers one of Chris' kinks.

10)Chris and Tom have been switching on and off for baby-raising duties to give Elsa a bit of a break. Now, it's their turn for a day off.
We Found Love

11)Once—only once—he had brought Chris here himself. When Tom had called the agency and intimated that he fancied a bit of rough, well, it was an Australian cowboy they sent.
Not How It's Usually Done

12)30 Day NSFW OTP(s) Challenge: Threesome

13)Tom Hiddleston alone at home isn't as alone as he thinks.
The Intrusion

14)Tom had known from the beginning what he would be to her, Tilda had made it very clear; it was only now that he truly understood what he was, what she had made him.
Canicula Sua

15)30 Day OTP(s) Challenge: #30 Voyeurism

16)AU. Chris Hemsworth is the rising boss of the criminal underworld and Tom is his lawyer who finds himself blurring the lines between business and personal.
Room Service

17)A bit of late night drinks and movies and Tom reveals one of his deepest secrets to his next door neighbor and best friend, Chris.
And, well, Chris just wants to help out.
The Lesson

18)Michael gatecrashes a Thor cast party and finds himself somewhat smitten with the ethereal being he finds there.
Here's to you, Mr Hiddleston

19)Tom's hands can do marvelous things.
Black Web

20)The little runaway sniffled and pressed his curly head against his knees, and Chris had to look away. This kid was not his problem. Chris should just walk away, get in his rig and hit the road. He had another 40 miles to go before the next truck stop, he didn’t have time for some troubled teenager from the suburbs.
Chris is a truck diver who comes across a young runaway in a dirty old restroom.
Somewhere Around Nothing


22)Chris wakes up smelling an Omega in heat and can't for the life of him think of who it might be until, of course, it hits him. Tom.
To Be Used

23)Pairing: Tom Hiddleston/Chris Hemsworth
Rating: Porn.
Warnings: Crossdressing, voyeurism, use of toys, dirty talk, slight D/s

24)Seb loses a bet or a drinking contest and that's the consequence. It starts out funny, gets painful, and then gets sexy, which is awkward. Bonus if another male castmember is in the room with them.
The Drinking Contest


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