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General Audiences

1)A baby gets dumped on the doorstep that is so unmistakably Sherlock's (Those eyes! That hair! Those curls are practically feral.) that it's an undeniable truth.
Sherlock defies everyone's expectations by being a bloody fantastic father, in his own way.

2)Dr. John Watson unexpectedly wakes up under a pile of black and white kitties and one consulting detective. Any 'verse. I'd like to find out why, not just his reaction to it.

3)The tale of Mycroft and the lost of his parents.
The Makings of an Ice Man: The Diet and the Ring


4)Student!John thinks he's a beta until he suddenly presents as an omega in Alpha!Teacher!Sherlock's classroom. Sherlock Takes Steps to protect and help his least irritating student.

5)There were, as a rule, two breeds of teenager enlisted in Broughton Military Summer Camp, and they got on about as well as cats and dogs. The first, troubled teens who’d been expelled from school enough times to count on both hands; the second, military brats who had practically been bred to shoot things and take orders.
30ish year old Lestrade and 17/18 year old John + Sherlock.
Poster Boys

6)warnings: underage, dub/non-con, possible incest
Hamish gets fucked by tentacles while John and Sherlock watch.
Typical Tentacle Tactics

7)Four conversations Watson and Lestrade had about their stupid crushes on Sherlock, and the one time they both did something about it.

8)That's no staffer's voice, no countryside brogue or street-sharp slant. It's positively dulcet. It's decadent. Filthily observant.
"Oh, for God's sake, Sherlock—must you, really?"

9)Warning: Sibling Incest
John learns by accident the true nature of the relationship between Mycroft and Sherlock, which is more than a brotherly one. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, because their perversity runs even deeper than that.

10)John finally sleeps with Sarah but finds it a disappointment. Sherlock tries to help him solve the mystery of why.

11)A part of Sherlock wanted John to do what alphas do so that he could do what omegas do.
The Aristocrat in the Parlour

12)John had a moment to hope that Sherlock would pick something low-key, like the blindfold, or even the fur-lined handcuffs would be -- nope, he was going for the...
Everything In This World Is Dull Except You

13)John thinks he has a normal sex life with Sherlock until of course he doesn't. If Sherlock can invent his own job, he can invent his own fetish.
De Facto

14)prompt:"Sherlock and John are in a relationship and the sex is great, but both secretly desire some BDSM play. Somehow (accidentally?) one of them brings it up and they discuss it, finding that their desires and fantasies are very similar. John as a Dom, Sherlock as a pain-enjoying sub."
Poco Agitato


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