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General Audiences

1)Everyone is a werewolf (except for Gandalf maybe?).
When the full moon rolls around Bilbo tries to separate himself from everyone else. He's a smaller wolf for one and he's not really a part of Thorin's pack (Everyone knows if you aren't part of the pack, it more than likely the Alpha will attack you).
Thorin keeps seeking him out.
A Predator?


2)While 'doing the work of men' in the towns and villages after the fall of Erebor, Thorin is surprised to find himself pursued by a human woman.
He holds back, knowing people would not approve. But when she comes to him one evening, he can't resist her.
Share the Wealth

3)So dwarves are... in a word, sturdy. Sturdy enough to take a rough fucking, at the very least.
I humbly request some really rough sex, my dears.
Push and Pull

4)I don't care how or why, but Kili's been a very bad Dwarf, and he needs to be punished. Dwalin is up to the task.
Welcome Punishments

5)It's a Dwarf custom on long journeys for one member of the group to volunteer to see to everyone else's sexual needs. There's no dishonor in it, but it's seen as a distasteful chore. Kili volunteers to fill this role for the company, and everyone else is relieved in a sort of "better you than me" way. What they don't know is that Kili absolutely loves getting fucked as often as possible.
3 Times the Dwarves go to Kili, 1 Time he asks them

6)Young (not too young, mind) dwarves aren't allowed to orgasm until they've proved themselves in battle/craftsmanship/maturity. However, because they're young and hale they're still expected to offer favors to older dwarves as a sign of respect.
The Warrior's Way

7)Because there is a distinct lack of RPF on this meme and I really want to see Martin Freeman blow Richard Armitage.
bonus points if Martin is all aggressive and angry about it and Richard is completely overwhelmed; a piece of my soul if Richard is nervous/embarrassed about coming in Martin's mouth.
methods of persuasion

8)Russia/America, BDSM, safewording, the safeword is "I love you"

9)USUK - Victorian or Victorian-style BDSM
The Depths

10)Hard BDSM--at America's request. Alfred gets tired of micromanaging the world's affairs (as best he can, anyway) and really likes to relinquish control completely in private. The catch is, he only feels safe doing that around someone who he knows would never abuse that power outside the bedroom. The only person he knows like that is Matthew.

11)The nations staying the night at a hotel after one meeting or another. Everyone's divided into rooms of two, with really thin walls. One pair overhears another one having sex and decides to beat them in loudness, leading to a chain reaction of very, very loud sex. Feel free to add in as many couples as you want.
Bonus: the competition is broken off/won by an incredibly loud moan from a very unlikely bottom.
What'cha gonna do about it?

12)The Doctor helps free Jethro from his own mind.
With A Wicked Tongue

13)Aang/Zuko; older, taller, cockier Avatar Aang topping generally reserved FireLord Zuko (NC-17)

14)NC-17 - 550 words - Kurama/Yusuke - timeline: about 100 years after the end of the show.

15)Random Bandom:
robotmaker!Gerard and punkartist!Lindsay

16)Crossover with Foxtrot. Jason and Calvin meet in college and find in each other something they never found elsewhere.

17)Vlad’s newest plan involves manipulating Danny into a relationship, and it’s a plan he thoroughly regrets when Danny uncovers the truth.
I can be a terrible person, just like you

18)Prompt: Do you think you could write a ff where Erwin punishes Levi for having a dirty mouth and constantly teases him, and he will only give Levi what he wants if he says nice things like “I love you”, etc..
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