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22 Stories behind the cut.

General Audiences/'Safe' Works

1)Avenger/Supernatural Loki and Gabriel get together. NO ONE APPROVES. (and who has the scarier/more protect brothers/friends?)
Raise You From Perdition

2)Hulk gives someone the shovel talk.
The Talk

3)Clint's social skills are rudimentary at best, and now he lives with all these people he doesn't know and they keep wanting to talk to him and he's just sitting there like how do I social.
Clint + Team: Clint really IS that antisocial

4)So we've had fills with Hulk lecturing some people about how much they will be smashed if they mistreat Bruce's friends romantically. They were quite amusing. But I'd like to see him lecturing Bruce's romantic interest. He exists (according to some theories) to protect him, after all, so even if he likes the person- which he probably does- he just has to make sure.
Hulk Advisory

5)5 times JARVIS talked Tony out of suicide and reminded him that he cared. I just have alot of feelings about JARVIS/Tony.
Five Times Jarvis Saved Tony From Himself

6)The Avengers Kink Meme in 30 lines
"This is why Fury drinks, really."

7)So, what if the Avengers, the characters, were catapulted into our world? Loki goes after a rather flabbergasted Tom

8)Shield wants Jarvis for themselves. They fake a bunch of reports of Tony's AI going crazy and the Avengers are sent in to get Tony to hand Jarvis over. Tony refuses and even tries to get into his suit to beat them back, but he's restrained before he can do so. Fury comes in to download Jarvis into the Helicarrier and Tony struggles to break free, getting more and more frantic until the Avenger restraining him (Steve or Thor) has to tighten their grip immensely. Tony cries out from the pain and that's when Jarvis has had enough.
Emotional Intelligence

9)I'd like to see Thor getting a little irked by being condescended to by his teammates and how he deals with that and with living in Midgard.
Cultural Differences

10)Little Things- Natasha and Clint
Clint Talks about Nat
Nat Talks about Clint

Explicit Works

11)Basically? I want to see Natasha domming the hell out of Loki. How/why is up to you.
Natasha/Loki, D/s [BDSM, dub-con]

12)Steve rims Tony to orgasm. That is all.

13)While Steve may not be overtly homophobic he still somewhat buys into the idea that "real men" always top and that only stereotypically effeminate/weak men enjoy being penetrated. Then he walks in on an obviously enthusiastic Clint getting fucked through the mattress. Clint/Natasha

14)In the movie Thor say's "you people are so petty....and tiny" take that line and run with it
Thor/Natasha, Size Kink

15)Thor and Steve are having sex, and Thor notices that as he's fucking him, Steve can't help but cover his face in an attempt to hide the fact that he really loves being filled up so completely by another man. Thor helps him with his little problem, and figures out ways to see--and especially hear--every inch of pleasure the Asgardian is giving him.
With Open Eyes

16)The Avengers are all sexual creatures in the prime of life and they have near death experiences regularly. As a result Avengers Tower security footage is just one giant sex tape. Somehow the highlights get out to the public.
Secret's out

17)Always-a-girl!Tony/Bruce -- Fucked Silly/Losing Control.
Hard to Handle

18)Without the rest of the Avengers knowing, Tony and Loki start a "frenemies with benefits" relationship. When the rest of the team find out, Thor and Steve are especially jealous. Loki realizes his brother and Steve's reactions, but being the troll that he is that just makes it funner. And Tony, well, he just really likes the sex.
Eventually Thor and Steve get too annoyed at how shameless Tony and Loki are (Loki walking around Avengers headquarters in nothing but Tony's shirt, Tony showing up at meetings with hickeys and disheveled etc). They decide to claim what's theirs. Cue to hot, possessive sex with Steve and Thor dominating Tony and Loki.
Frenemies with benefits

19)It has become habit for Thor to seek his brother out after combat, to sate his battle-heightened lusts on his accommodating sibling.

20)Thor always prided himself on being a top, until Loki implied that Thor couldn't handle bottoming even if he wanted too. Now Thor is determined to prove he can take whatever his little brother can. Unfortunately Loki has a monster cock and Thor's virgin hole is having hard time with it
A Pleasant Little Trick

21)a demented fan just so happens to work at the hotel where the cast is staying while filming Avengers and kidnaps 'Loki' to protect 'Thor' from his lying brother with the help of some luck and chloroform
what happens then is up to the author but I would be really interested in the reactions of the cast and staff to everything happening
I'm Not a Norse God, But I Play One On the Big Screen


22)Tom Hiddleston/Chris Hemsworth Marble’s Many Kinks: Fingerfucking.
Kink #7: Fingerfucking
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