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More Fics I liked

The Attraction of Summer.

2)What odd things Switzerland keeps in the Bag in his closet. Liechtenstein is intrigued.
Toy Bag

3)Alfred and Matthew see each other in person for the first time since becoming online fuck buddies.
Paint Your Words of Love Across My Skin

4) Canada seduces Cuba.
Thanks, Tim Tims

5)Prussia meets an odd man named Izaya while visiting Japan.
So, who are you?

6) Lima Syndrome Prompt defined Lima syndrome as a psychological empathy for a captor's hostage/prisoner. Germany/N.Italy
Lima Syndrome

7)I just want to see some Canada love. I'd love to see the guy get well and thoroughly fucked. Blacking out when he climaxes, is left quivering and boneless, the other nation makes him beg for it.Netherlands/Canada
Well Fucked

8)Russia and Canada get accidentally approached by a tentacle mosnter. I want my tentacle kink and monsters having their merry way with the couple. Just with a few twists: one is taken while the other is watching be it in control or in helplessness.
Oh... CANADA!!!

9) Germany/fem!Prussia = Breastfucking.Fem!Prussia is reluctant at first since she usually likes topping in their relationship.
This is not how we do things around here

10) America/Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein spies on America workout
Work Out

11)fem!Germany/Italy, Domination; Crop is Mandatory.
To Hell and Back

12)Human AU. Alfred babysits Peter, Arther's younger brother.
The Hot Babysitter

13)Duchess Louise Beilschmidt is a smart woman who can play the part of a lady. After her brother's death she must do as a lady would and find a husband. But she does not wish to hand over everything to that man. Feliciano is a poor man with a noble family name. He is also just what Louise needs to stay in power.
Lords and Ladies

14)Germany/Latvia – Sauna, Masturbation

15)On-To-Ottawa Trek,Russia/Canada
Dancing Red On-To-Ottawa Trek,

16)Russia wants Canada, but settles for America. America decides to set the two up.
Famous Last Words: "Sure, why not"

17)Basically, this anon wants to see some hot, rough, dirty smut between Romano and Australia. With Netherlands watching.

18)UK dominates a tied-up, gagged fem!US. Dub con preferred.
Broken Belles

19)Itacest, Dirty Phone Sex.
Across the Wire

20)Russia/Germany/America The trials and errors of having a three-way relationship.
A Lover's Discourse
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